Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in starting a propane business. What do I need to do?
Apply for registration and meet the requirements according to the class for which you are applying. Follow the steps in the Registration section of this site.


Our company would like to install a bulk tank. What is the process?
Complete an Application for LP Gas System Installation and submit plans to the commission. Follow the instructions in the Installation section of this site.


We are a public entity. Are we required to have a leak test completed each year?
Yes, a leak test is required annually for each LPG piping system of public institutions and a test report is to be sent to MPSC. See more information in the Leak Test section of this site.


I would like to work for the MPSC. How do I apply?
To find out whether or not there are any job openings, contact the MPSC office at or 573-893-1073. To apply, complete an employment application available in the Employment section of this site.


I don't believe I received the same amount of propane for which I was billed. Can you check this out?
The Weights and Measures Division of the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) is in charge of proving meters. Contact the MDA at or 573-751-4211.


Our organization is interested in conducting certified propane safety training for our employees. Is this allowed?
Yes. However, there are criteria to meet for the training to be MPSC-approved. For a list of criteria and an Application for Training Program Approval, contact the MPSC office.


Do I need to send my Written Fire Safety Analysis into the Commission?
No. An inspector may ask to see one during a facility inspection. The important part of the process is to review with your local fire department and provide them with a copy.


Where can I get the rule books NFPA 54 and 58?
Both can be purchased from the Missouri Propane Gas Association at 800-601-9332


Where do I find my LPG number?
When you originally applied with the Dept of Agriculture you were issued a certificate with the State seal and a location number. If you can’t find it in your files, call MPSC at 573-893-1073 for the number.


How can I register for training?
The Missouri Propane Gas Association offers training classes at various locations throughout the State. You can look at locations and dates on their website under the safety/training tab, or call 800-601-9332.