Operations & Maintenance Handbook for LP-Gas Storage Facilities


All bulk plants, industrial plants, marine terminals, refrigerated, and pipeline systems are required to have written operating and maintenance instructions. These documents need to be located at the plant they were written for. If the plant is an unattended plant, they may be kept at the overseeing plant location, and must be available to operators, contractors, and inspectors. It is required that the documents are kept current, and kept for the life of the plant they describe. An operations and maintenance template can be found on the PERC website:



Report of Odorized LP-Gas Release, Fire or Explosion


The Missouri Propane Safety Commission requires reporting of a release, fire, or explosion involving odorized liquefied petroleum gas (2 CSR 90-10.120). A report should be made to the Missouri Propane Safety Commission by telephone at the earliest practical moment or within two (2) hours following discovery. Following the initial telephone report, the person who made the telephone report or an authorized company representative shall submit a properly completed form MPGC-5524 to the director within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of initial telephone notification unless an extension is authorized by the director to allow more time for investigation or research.


(Click here for a blank Incident Report Form.)


Application for Facility Registration to Requalify Cylinders


To obtain a Requalifier Identification Number (RIN) an application must be submitted to DOT registering your facility as one that requalifies cylinders by the visual inspection method. The application must be signed by the facility manager, certifying that the facility will operate in compliance with the applicable hazardous materials regulations. NPGA has developed a application for your use that has been reviewed by DOT for acceptability. (Click here for blank RIN application.)


Simply fill in the appropriate information and submit it to:


Associate Administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety
Attn: Approvals, PHH-32
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation
400 7th Street SW
Washington, DC 20590-0001




Written Fire Safety Analysis


The National Fire Protection Association's LP Gas Code (NFPA 58), 2008 edition, has been adopted by the Missouri Propane Safety Commission. Within NFPA 58, Section requires that a Written Fire Safety Analysis (WFSA) be completed for all LP gas installations that use ASME containers with an aggregate capacity of more than 4,000 gallons (water capacity). Manifolded tanks meet this threshold if the aggregate volume exceeds 4,000 gallons.


The section also requires planning with local emergency agencies, such as fire and police departments, for the effective control of inadvertent product release or fire. This planning should consider the safety of emergency personnel, workers and the public.


The WFSA provides owners and operators of affected facilities with a self-audit tool that they can use to determine facility safety and enhance the effectiveness of local emergency responders. If serious hazards are identified during the assessment, special protection as allowed by NFPA 58 may be needed (NFPA 58 section


(Click here for Written Fire Safety Analysis form.)




Operator Training – Anhydrous Ammonia Contamination


In December 2011, five Missouri propane facilities were involved in an anhydrous ammonia contamination. Contaminated propane was delivered to more than 200 Missouri households. The contamination is believed to have been caused by a trailer not properly cleaned after being in ammonia service. Recovery and replacement of the contaminated propane as well as the ongoing project of inspecting the gas systems at the homes and businesses affected will be quite expensive and labor intensive.


The Missouri Propane Safety Commission has created some educational materials that we hope will assist both the propane and trucking industries.


(Click here for Anhydrous Ammonia Education Materials.)